Adri Likes… Sage Brown Butter Sauce

I participate in the tradition of eating gnocchi every 29th of the month.  It’s a South American tradition that was influenced by Italian immigrants.  If you search the Internet for the origin of this tradition, you will find various versions.  Here’s a brief explanation I found in an article from The Washington Post:

The custom of eating gnocchi on the 29th is said to spring from a celebration of simple food and meager means: It’s the end of the month, the money has run out, and all that is left in the pantry is some potatoes, some flour and, if you’re lucky, an egg or two. What else to make but gnocchi?

While usually lumped together with pasta, gnocchi are really little dumplings, often made from potato, but they’re also seen in semolina, ricotta and other versions.  The 29th celebrates all these incarnations, although the standard-bearer is the ñoqui de papa, or potato gnocchi.

On this day, restaurants offer gnocchi specials, and lines form at the city’s abundant fresh pasta shops.  Tradition dictates that you eat the gnocchi with money under your plate to ensure good luck and prosperity.

Last Friday was Gnocchi Day and I wanted a quick and delicious sauce to go with the fresh gnocchi I would be buying at Whole Foods after work.  I would love to make gnocchi from scratch someday, but this time I would have to settle for store-bought.  I had recently read Jessica Seinfeld’s Do It Delicious recipe for Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter and was inspired.  The original recipe involves making raviolis – which I fully intend to do some day – but this time I would just make the sauce. Continue reading

Adri Likes… Cacio e Pepe

Happy 2016!  Well this is a surprise, even to me.  I had been flirting with the idea of blogging again but I didn’t realize I was actually going to go through with it until this afternoon, when I decided to cook and started taking pictures of today’s recipe with the full intent to post, regardless of the recipe’s outcome.  After cooking today’s meal and reacquainting myself with WordPress, here I am!

Over the years people had asked me to blog again and I always complained about how time consuming it was.  It remains time consuming, but I decided to make an effort to try to post at least once a week.  That being said, I’m excited to be back so let’s get to it!

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