Adri Likes… Valentine’s Day!

valentineHello fellow readers!

I am really sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it was never my intention to spend a week without new posts.  Last week I was out of town visiting our nation’s capital and this week I have been non-stop with other commitments, but I want you to know that while I was away, I was taking pictures and notes of everything, so expect some really great posts coming soon!

Some examples of things to come:

  • Washington, DC restaurants, nightlife and tours
  • Mr. Chow restaurant review in honor Chinese New Year (it was on Sunday, February 10th, Year of the Snake)
  • Restaurant review of Pubbelly’s newest venture, PB Steak
  • Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant review
  • And much more!!!

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a wonderful week and a lovely Valentine’s Day!  I unfortunately don’t have any cooking or dining tips for you today, but if you are looking to send a card, I recommend using Paperless Post.  They have cards and invitations for all occasions, many are even free.  I made the frame above using cards from Paperless Post.  I use that site for all of my online card/invitation needs, it’s fantastic and tasteful


Adri Likes… Thai Crumbled Beef in Lettuce Wraps

DSC04959The third easy dish I made for my dinner with friends was Nigella Lawson’s Thai Crumbled Beef in Lettuce Wraps.  I first came across this dish when I bought Nigella’s Forever Summer cookbook in 2003.  I have made many wonderful dishes from that cookbook, and this one remains one of my favorites.

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Adri Likes… Beef-Scallion Skewers

DSC04958Continuing on to the next dish that I served for my friends at my easy dinner party, the Beef-Scallion Skewers.  As I mentioned in the original Tuna Tartare Chips post, while browsing InStyle magazine back in 2006, I came across a party guide section that included wonderful and easy recipes that I have made multiple times and are always a hit.  The Beef-Scallion Skewers are part of those recipes and like the tuna tatare chips, they are also very easy to make and super flavorful.

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Adri Likes… Easy Dinner Parties!

IMG_3390This week I decided to have a few friends over for dinner.  Instead of doing a lavish and complicated main dish, I decided to make my favorite and easy dishes which were also on the healthier side.

On the menu:

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Adri Likes… Dylan’s Chillins Cookie Monstah


I had heard of Dylan’s Candy Bar but had never been to one.  I thought it was just like any other candy store, only slightly more famous because Dylan happens to be Ralph Lauren’s daughter.   One sunny Saturday I was walking around Lincoln Road after breakfast when I came across its newest location, which took over the old Ghirardelli corner.  We decided to check it out and were instantly greeted at the door with these little cups that looked like mini ice cream sundaes, only the red stick in the middle wasn’t a spoon, it was a mini straw.  Not being able to resist anything that has caramel on it, I took one and wow, I was so caught off guard, this was like nothing I had ever tasted before!

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Adri Likes… Brunch at Yardbird


Yardbird Southern Table and Bar is a wonderful restaurant with farm-fresh ingredients, delicious Southern cooking and magnificent cocktails.  I had been there before for lunch and dinner, but never for breakfast/brunch.  Having heard great things about their brunch, I decided to give it a try.

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Adri Likes… Pubbelly!

If you haven’t eaten at Pubbelly, you don’t know what you’re missing!  It’s an amazing “gastropub” located in Miami Beach, in the Purdy area.  Pubbelly is the original restaurant, and following its successful opening, more restaurants from the same group have sprung up: Pubbelly Sushi, Barceloneta, Macchialina and most recently, PBSteak.  I have eaten at all except PBSteak, which just opened this month.

Pubbelly, like most of the restaurants in the group, serves its dishes on small plates, so it’s a great place to try many dishes.  In September I went with five friends and we experienced a culinary feast!

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