Hello and welcome!

I started cooking at an early age, but it was usually desserts (anything that would allow me to eat the batter after).  It wasn’t until my junior year in college when I started experimenting with “real” recipes.  I had decided that I could make whatever I craved, and so it began, my culinary adventures: Martha’s meatloaf, Emeril’s dark chocolate mousse and Nigella’s Forever Summer cookbook.

I have no professional cooking education or any real culinary skills, but I like to eat, I like to cook, and I know how I want my food to taste.  My approach towards recipes usually involves the actual recipe (I am great with directions) plus some additional research and cross referencing, mostly for tips and other users’ reviews.  I am not one for creating my own recipes from scratch, but I do allow room for improvisation.

Besides cooking, I also hope to share some dining out experiences as well as travel and local tips.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed your stay!


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