Adri Likes… Tuna Tartare Chips AGAIN!

DSC04962When I had my friends over for dinner, one of the dishes I made was the Tuna Tartare Chips.  I know I have written about them before, but since last time I didn’t have pictures of the steps, I decided to re-post with updated pictures.

The recipe and ingredients remain the same, the only difference being that I used yellow fin tuna instead of ahi.  All ingredients were purchased at the Publix in Miami Beach (5th Street location).

I was able to make the tartare the morning of the dinner, but you can also make it the night before.  What it came time to assemble the chips, I decided to leave some unassembled so that my guests could make some on their own.

You can always replace the potato chips for your cracker of choice, or just have the tartare on its own with a dab of wasabi.


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