Adri Likes… Easy Dinner Parties!

IMG_3390This week I decided to have a few friends over for dinner.  Instead of doing a lavish and complicated main dish, I decided to make my favorite and easy dishes which were also on the healthier side.

On the menu:

I did all my grocery shopping the night before and found all but one of the ingredients (red chillies) at the Publix in Miami Beach (5th Street location).  The night before I made the ginger pecans, the morning of I made the tuna tartare (except the chips part, that cannot be done ahead) and the night of I made the rest.  The part that takes the most time is the assembly, such as the tuna tartare on chips, making the skewers, but most of the plates can be made in advance or while the other is marinating.

The tuna tartare and skewers can be served as appetizers too, and the ginger pecans are great in a bowl for party snacks.

Click above for the recipes and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Adri Likes… Easy Dinner Parties!

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