Adri Likes… This Morning’s Super Green Juice

Spinach, kale, celery, apple and ginger

Spinach, kale, celery, apple and ginger

Happy Friday!  I just wanted to share this morning’s green juice concoction: spinach, kale, celery, apple and ginger.  I was a little hesitant that it wouldn’t taste very good, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!  

Super Green Juice

Super Green Juice

One of the great differences I’m experiencing after switching from a blender to a juicer is the natural taste of just the juice.  With a blender, it would always taste more bitter and I would end up adding honey, but now with just the juice, it’s perfectly sweet.  One of my concerns though has become what to do with all the leftover pulp.  I’ll be searching the Internet for recipes and suggestions, so stay tuned…



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